Release of Voxelo 1.0 – The Free-Viewpoint Video Player

December 21, 2010 | Written by admin

Today Voxelogram released the first version of the Free-Viewpoint Video Player Voxelo™.

Voxelo enables you to watch full 3D video content of real captured scenes. While traditional 2D video is restricted to the viewpoint of the recording camera, Free-Viewpoint Video allows you to freely choose your viewpoint of the scene during playback.

Voxelo provides two different viewing modes for watching real 3D video content. In Standard Mode users can freely move, rotate and zoom on 3D video, just like in a typical 3D viewer. In Augmented Reality Mode users can watch the 3D content embedded into a real life environment by using a web camera and a special marker. You can change your viewpoint of the content simple by moving the marker or the camera while the video is playing.

Voxelo is available free of charge from our Download page where you can also find our current collection of Free-Viewpoint Video files and the marker required, for using the Augmented Reality Mode. For information about system requirements and how to setup and use Voxelo, please visit our Help page.

Voxelo is the player for watching 3D video content created with our Free-Viewpoint Video capturing system 4CAST™ (4D Capture Studio). The 4CAST system allows us to capture the dynamic shape and appearance of real-world models and is currently under active research and development. You can find more information about the technology behind Voxelo and 4CAST on our Technology page.