Unity Webplayer Demo

November 10, 2011 | Written by JinhoYoo

4CAST can record 3D data continuously which enables us to scan an actor or actress with at least 15 fps.

This provides the advantage that single free-viewpoint video frames can first be seen and evaluated in a free-viewpoint video player like Voxelo and the best ones can then be extracted from the free-viewpoint video stream and exported to a common 3D format.

We can provide 3D data in OBJ file format. The data can be imported into a 3D modeling and animation programs like Maya or 3DS max or into a game engine like Unity3D or the Vision engine.

As an example, we prepared a demo to show 3D data from FVV in Unity3D’s webplayer. Click here or picture to see the demo.

Currently we are working to extract texture information from the free-viewpoint video data which can easily be integrated with standard 3D graphics applications and game engines. In comparision, Voxelo uses a view-dependent texture mapping approach which cannot be so easily integrated into these applications. It’s an on-going project and we are constantly working on improving the implementation and rendering quality.

You can download another example OBJ file here: the another example. If you wanna know more details, please contact