Release of FVVLib 1.0.0 beta 4 – The Free-Viewpoint Video Library

March 9, 2012 | Written by Stefan

Today Voxelogram released version 1.0.0 beta 4 of FVVLib, a software library for reading Voxelogram’s ‘Free-Viewpoint Video’ (FVV) file format. Using FVVLib you can access the data in FVV files for use in your own application.

The intention of this beta release is to allow people to freely experiment with free-viewpoint video technology, integrate it with their own technology and to produce technical demos, presentations and videos. This way the technology can be made more widely recognized and adopted and new development ideas and usage scenarios can emerge. For example, you could use FVV data in a game application without the need to model 3D data. It is also possible to develop educational software to teach complex motion with FVV data.

Please share your ideas for using FVV data with us by using our survey form or sending an email to We would be very happy to hear any suggestions, ideas, questions, feature requests or any other kind of feedback from you. This will give us more insight and new ideas on how people want to use free-viewpoint video technology and will guide future development.

To download FVVLib 1.0.0 beta 4 and FVV files please visit our download page.

For more information please visit the FVVLib introduction page and the geting started page.

For license terms of FVVLib 1.0.0 beta 4 please visit our license page.

Changes in FVVLib 1.0.0 beta 4:

  • Refactored and simplified FVVLib interfaces:
    • Changed error reporting:
      • Removed FVVError structure.
      • Renamed FVVErrorType to FVVResult and changed enumerators.
      • Renamed FVVError.h to FVVResult.h.
      • FVVLoader interface functions return an FVVResult error code and take all inputs and output parameters as arguments.
      • Removed GetLastError() interface function from FVVLoader.
    • Declared FVVFileVersion, FVVMetadata and FVVPlaytime outside of FVVFileInfo class.
    • Removed FVVSequenceData interface and FVVSequenceData.h file and added interfaces to FVVFrameInfo instead:
      • Added new interface FVVImageInfo for accessing image metadata.
      • Renamed FVVMultiCameraImageInfo to FVVMultiCameraInfo.
      • Renamed FVVCameraData to FVVCameraInfo and removed FVVCameraCalibrationData.
    • Added new interface FVVInfo.h which provides access to FVVFileInfo and FVVFrameInfo.
    • Removed the accessor functions GetFileInfo(), GetSequenceData() and GetFrameInfo(). Instead a FVVInfo will be passed to the OpenFile() function.
    • Made FVVLoader class uncopyable by defining private copy constructor and assigment operator.
    • Defined virtual destructores for info and data interface classes.
  • Various internal refactoring and clean up.