FVVLib  1.0.0 beta 4
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
FVVCameraInfoInterface to access camera calibration information from the capture cameras
FVVFileInfoInterface to access FVV file metadata
FVVFileVersionStructure containing the major, minor and maintenance version numbers of a FVV file
FVVFrameDataInterface to access FVV frame data
FVVFrameInfoInterface to access frame metadata information
FVVImageInfoInterface to access image metadata information
FVVInfoInterface to access FVV metadata information
FVVLoaderCentral class to access FVV file data
FVVMeshDataInterface to access indexed indexed triangle set mesh data
FVVMetadataDescribes metadata as key-value pairs
FVVMultiCameraImageDataInterface to access multi-camera image data
FVVMultiCameraInfoInterface to access multi-camera metadata information
FVVPlaytimeStructure containing the total playtime for the given frames per second and number of frames in a FVV file