Voxelo 1.2.0 – the Free-Viewpoint Video Player


Installation instructions are available on the Help page.

Free-Viewpoint Video Files

Here you can find our current collection of Free-Viewpoint Video files with the extension .fvv. We will extent this collection when we produced new 3D video content.

Compilation of Various Free-Viewpoint Video Recordings
Jinbo - Dance Playing variation on the Canon by Jinho Yoo
Son Jungeun - Dance Girl - Cute
Girl - Taekwondo Son Jungeun - Yoga
Girl - Turning Steffen - Juggling

Voxelogram’s logo file

If you need to use voxelogram’s logo, please download from here .

Fiducial Augmented Reality Marker

For using Voxelo’s AR Mode please download and print out the fiducial marker provided here:

The file contains markers of different sizes. Dependent on the size of the marker the augmented 3D video will be rendered larger or smaller. The printout of the Augmented Reality marker should be square and include a white border around the black marker. The marker should be placed on, or attached to, a flat surface, like a piece of cardboard or wood. This avoids bending of the marker pattern and ensures better recognition by the marker detection software. There is a dotted-line around the markers on the paper, which should be followed, when cutting out the markers. While using Voxelo in AR mode, the entire marker should be visible by the web camera, in order to ensure detection of the marker.

The following image shows an example of printed markers in different sizes. The markers were attached to a Styropor board to avoid bending. The white boarder around the marker allows easy grabbing and handling of the marker without accidentally covering the black marker area, e.g. with a finger.

Example of AR Markers

NFT (Natural Feature Tracking) Augmented Reality Marker

For using Voxelo’s NFT AR Mode please download and print out the marker provided here:

Download of NFT AR Markers

zFT™ can detect images printed both as gray or as color copy. We provide ‘The allegory of painting‘ of Vermer as standard marker. If you want to use your own marker image, please follow the steps below:

1. Prepare the image file as JPG format.
2. Change image file name to ‘ZFTPattern.jpg’.
3. Go to the ‘Configuration’ folder under theVOXELO_INSTALLEDDD% directory. Usually Voxelo is installed in C:\Program Files\Voxelogram\Voxelo\
4. Copy your image file to the ‘Configuration’ folder (possibly back up the original marker first).
5. Print out your marker image as gray or color copy.
6. RuVoxelllo and test your marker by choosing ‘NFT AR Mode’.

If Voxelo has problems detecting your custom image it might be that it does not provides enough features for Natural Feature Tracking algorithm. For the best recognition we recommend that you use images with a “rich texture”, i.e. a more complex image rather than a simple image, logo or trademark. For examples of recommended marker images, please visit the homepage of AR-POP, which also uses the zFT engine.