FVVLib Change Log

Version 1.0.0 beta 4 – 2012-03-09

  • Refactored and simplified FVVLib interfaces:
    • Changed error reporting:
      • Removed FVVError structure.
      • Renamed FVVErrorType to FVVResult and changed enumerators.
      • Renamed FVVError.h to FVVResult.h.
      • FVVLoader interface functions return an FVVResult error code and take all inputs and output parameters as arguments.
      • Removed GetLastError() interface function from FVVLoader.
    • Declared FVVFileVersion, FVVMetadata and FVVPlaytime outside of FVVFileInfo class.
    • Removed FVVSequenceData interface and FVVSequenceData.h file and added interfaces to FVVFrameInfo instead:
      • Added new interface FVVImageInfo for accessing image metadata.
      • Renamed FVVMultiCameraImageInfo to FVVMultiCameraInfo.
      • Renamed FVVCameraData to FVVCameraInfo and removed FVVCameraCalibrationData.
    • Added new interface FVVInfo.h which provides access to FVVFileInfo and FVVFrameInfo.
    • Removed the accessor functions GetFileInfo(), GetSequenceData() and GetFrameInfo(). Instead a FVVInfo will be passed to the OpenFile() function.
    • Made FVVLoader class uncopyable by defining private copy constructor and assigment operator.
    • Defined virtual destructores for info and data interface classes.
  • Various internal refactoring and clean up.

Version 1.0.0 beta 3 – 2011-12-01

  • Added creation of frame index for files with missing index and removed HasFrameIndex() function from FVVFileInfo.
  • Renamed ErrorType to FVVErrorType.
  • Simplified FVVLoader interface:
    • Changed GetNextFrameData() interface function to block calling thread until a decoded frame is available and removed FVV_ERROR_IS_BUFFERING error type.
    • Removed GetNextFrameNumber() interface function.
    • Changed OpenFile() interface function. File has to be closed always before opening a new file otherwise a FVV_ERROR_FAILED_OPEN_FILE error is set.
    • Removed functions StartFrameSequence() and StopFrameSequence().
    • Added function IsFileOpen() to queury if a file is currently openend by the loader.
  • Fixed bug in calculating playtime for FVVFileInfo.
  • Fixed bug in video capture when switching between different AR modes.
  • Various other refactoring and clean up.

Version 1.0.0 beta 2 – 2011-10-25

  • Added CloseFile() function for explicit clean up of loader.
  • Removed IsBuffering() function and replaced it by additional error code FVV_ERROR_IS_BUFFERING for calls to GetNextFrameData() function.
  • Added additional error code FVV_ERROR_END_OF_SEQUENCE for calls to GetNextFrameData() and GetNextFrameNumber() functions when end of sequence is reached.

Version 1.0.0 beta– 2011-10-19

  • Initial release.