Voxelogram, Inc. is spun off from Zenitum, Inc. We provides the technology of Free-Viewpoint Video files generated by the 4CAST™  system.  The 4CAST™ system implements a framework for video-based 3D reconstruction and rendering methods that integrates several hardware and software components.

Our current studio consists of a blue-screen room with 8 synchronized and calibrated VGA (640×480) cameras arranged approximately in a circle around the center of the room. The cameras are connected to several capture computers which are recording and processing the 2D video streams to create Free-Viewpoint Video files.

For each frame of synchronized video streams, the real-world 3D model is reconstructed based on the 2D images. The process which goes into this is not trivial, and involves several different steps. The frame data is then combined into Free-Viewpoint Video files, that can be played by Voxelo. Having reconstructed full 3D information allows Voxelo to generate novel views of the real-world scene from arbitrary vantage points, both in Standard and Augmented Reality mode.

Voxelogram’s goal is to simplify and automate the reconstruction process as much as possible for users of the system. The otherwise complicated process is then only a matter of configuring and using 4CAST to record the synchronized video stream and create Free-Viewpoint Video files from the multi-video footage. Furthermore Voxelogram designed 4CAST to be easily extensible and scalable to integrate new software modules and hardware components into the system. In the future we planning to upgrade our current system with higher quality cameras and additional capture and processing computers.

4CAST is currently under active research and development to improve the performance of the reconstruction process, the quality of the Free-Viewpoint Video data and the overall usability of the system. We also investigate new usage scenarios of Free-Viewpoint Video for various areas, like e.g. digital entertainment, computer games, virtual reality and research. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions please contact us at