Voxelo Change Log


Version – 2011-04-01 [download]

  • ZFT2, Zenitum’s NFT( Natural Feature Tracker ) Engine is integrated. So Voxelo can use common image as marker.

Version – 2011-01-27

  • Various performance enhancements
  • Added synchronous sound with volume control
  • Added a slider to Voxelo, that allows for moving to specific positions in the files
  • Added time display
  • Reduced the file size by simplifying the mesh data
  • Changed the resizing, so OpenGL can use the full window, as oppose to keeping the aspect ratio, as is needed in AR mode
  • Reduced the time that the player needs to spend buffering
  • Added file metadata information
  • Included keyboard support for stepping frames with arrow keys and stepping seconds with CTRL+arrow keys
  • FVV files are now more complex, because there has been added editing capabilities to the 4CAST FVV creation software
  • Fixed some issues with the automated error reporting (minidump)

Version – 2010-12-21

  • Initial release

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